Paul’s Purpose – The new ‘New Testament’?!

I didn’t plan it while writing my stories, but much of what I say in them seems to fit with the message of the Gospel. I don’t mean in a “Repent for the end is near” way, but rather, there is a constant theme of solace and discovery of meaning in one’s personal trials.

In ‘Open secrets,’ Alia, a Mary Magdalene type of character, keeps her past hidden from Stu, but hints of having once had a revelation that continues to influence her decisions. In ‘Dumbest President Ever,’ the ever-pathetic Eowyn never seems to get a break, even as the most powerful official in the land, but it’s not all bad. And most explicitly, in ‘Christ is for losers,’ DJ Den Morisen recounts his drunken night involving a ceremony of sorts.

I seem to be saying that the particular manner of an individual’s isolation or suffering isn’t so important as one’s salvation from it. And if this is all reduced to a defense mechanism of the weak, one can’t do anything else anyway.

You don’t have to be a Jesus freak to enjoy my short-story collections, which are as irreverent as they are solemn. Available on Amazon, here and here.

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