How I got on Spotify

Ever since I started using Spotify two years ago, I’ve wanted to feature myself on it. And what musician wouldn’t want that, other than Taylor Swift? Spotify is one of the biggest music providers at present, and it’s surely the number one source of music in my social circle.

My first attempt to get on Spotify was simply to upload files from my computer and save them as a playlist. Which allows only me, and only from that computer, to access my music. So that didn’t work. Spotify is smart enough to know the massive number of copyright violations that would result from that manner of uploading ‘original music.’ Many a website and application has closed on account of such loose regulations.

But when I looked at Spotify Artists, I realized it was much simpler than I was worried about. There’s no need for expensive copyright registration or other bureaucratic red tape. You simply need to first upload your music to an online music label. Spotify gives several choices. I myself chose Tunecore, because a) it was first in the list, and b) the price of $30 an album for the first year is rather reasonable.

Yes, you’ll have to pay a certain amount for the privilege of having anyone in the world being able to listen to your music for next to free. But then, if your music becomes popular, your initial investment will be more than worth it. Whatever royalties are to be collected will be done so through the label you choose.

itunes-convertUsing Tunecore to upload music was easy. You just have to upload using the proper format – 16-bit .wav files at 1,411 kbps; iTunes has a pretty good converter for this.

I don’t have too high hopes, at least not in the near future, to make money on Spotify, or iTunes, or whatever app in which my music is featured. I’m just too happy to have my life’s most sublime achievements out there. Plus, I have the hope that my use of ‘Paul’s purpose’ as an album title will somehow direct people to this site (“What is this ‘Paul’s purpose’ anyway? Let’s google it. Hey, he writes books too! Hey, one of them’s free!”).

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