No-Prize giveaway!

While fixing up my stories for publication, I would read from numerous sources about the importance of a developmental editor to strengthen if not fix up plots. An author is so close to his work that basic stuff tends to get overlooked, no matter how many times he reads it.

Well, I ended up not hiring a developmental editor. They cost a lot of money. I had to make up for this unwillingness to spend, by being more careful in my editing. And sure enough, the more I read, the more holes and inconsistencies I found. The process seemed without end.

I want YOU

Even to this day, having published the stuff for all to see, I don’t know what continuity problems remain. I personally don’t care much about plot in a story, at least not as much as the saying of real things, but of course I’m wary of glaring errors.

This is why I’m offering a No-Prize to readers who can spot such errors. I don’t mean stuff like “That’s far-fetched!” because far-fetchedness is rather the point of telling stories if anything. What merits a No-Prize is an observation like “He did this earlier, how could he be doing that later?” or “I thought you said he was x years old, but why’s he a teenager x years later?” You know, stuff like that.

And if you can provide a reasonable good explanation for whatever error you spot, you get TWO No-Prizes!


Small print in regular size: If you want to get your No-Prize, but don’t know what it is, better read about it so you don’t feel too ripped off afterwards. Basically, it was offered by Stan Lee (the person I most want a selfie with) to readers who wrote letters to the editor about mistakes in a Marvel Comics issue. It is deceptively literal.

My books are available on Amazon, here and here. If you’re intent on winning a No-Prize but won’t shell out for it, write me for free copies, and nitpick away! Although I’m the final judge on whether something warrants a No-Prize, at the very least, you’ll get to read for free.

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