Don’t use Facebook ads unless you know what you’re doing

I sure don’t.

Since publishing my books a couple Excited facebook girlof months ago, I’ve been racking my brains to find an appreciative readership. Thanks to error after irrevocable error, I’ve been learning what not to do in the future. One of these things is throwing money at Facebook.

I should have known better. Years ago, I’d spent on Facebook ads in order to draw people to my music site, but all I was left with was a bunch of Likes of photos I’d uploaded. Almost zero redirects or listens/views.

In 2016, I figured Facebook algorithms or whatever you call them had improved, and that it was easier to reach an intended demographic. But alas, as much as I tried to narrow down the people who would see the posts I paid to promote, the effort was for naught.

If you’re reading this as a follower of the Paul’s Purpose Facebook page, you’re probably one of those bozos who Likes practically everything that passes your News Feed, and the friends you’ve made are quite annoyed with the habit. Probably.

Now if you did enjoy the stories (“What stories? He writes stories?”) or my music even, then you’re one of very few individuals, and I thank you. As much of a cash drain my ad campaigns have been so far, I’m glad to have found a couple of people interested in my crap, and who could probably find it a little funny that I’m going off on people who Liked my Facebook page for whatever reason.

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