Notes on Michal Stawicki’s ‘Trickle down mindset’

Title: Trickle down mindset: The missing element in your personal success
Author: Michal Stawicki
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stawicki - trickle down

This is the most ‘indie’ of books I’ve reviewed so far. Its message is important enough for me to suggest you read it yourself. What he says is something I’d want to better inculcate in my life. Basically, ‘Trickle down mindset’ is a matter of being consistent in your character and beliefs, so that all your actions are a reflection of such a mindset. This isn’t so much a ‘how to’ detailing specific actions — although Stawicki gives ideas, a lot, based on his experience — but rather a guide to thinking that in turn determines your behavior.

Whatever one reads or hears from other people has an effect, depending on nobody but the self:
The difference between the information that changed my life and the information that didn’t was simple: I either rejected or accepted and took ownership of the ideas presented in the books I had read.
– Location 332-333 (Amazon Kindle edition)

Even if we don’t always realize it, we already have the key to improving problematic aspects of our lives. You probably have something you’re good at, or at least, better at than most people you know.
Choose at least one area you are not satisfied with in your life and one in which you feel confident and successful. Ask yourself, ‘What am I doing on daily basis to deserve such output? What do I do every day that determines this effect?’
– Location 721-722

Stawicki repeats the importance of consistency, in that everything about our organism is connected:
There is no area in your life that can be neglected without damaging your whole person. There is no improvement you can make in your life that won’t improve you as a whole.
– Location 766-767

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.
– Location 1500-1501

There is a lot more Stawicki has given me to think about. Ultimately, clichéd as it may sound, wherever I am in life is my responsibility.

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