A sequel more beautiful than ‘Depression’

Four months since publishing ‘Depression and other fictions,’ and much has changed. As would be evident if I’d post more, I now consider the ‘Declaration’ in the ‘My neurofeedback experience’ essay to be hopelessly heretical.

Qualifications are the killer of faith. When proclaiming “I believe…” there is no room for  words such as “seem” or “appear to be,” as I have been guilty of.

John 14For all the parallels made between Christianity and other religions, scientific principles, and myths, what is essential of the world is The Father The Son The Holy Spirit. (TFTSTHS). All else is creation. This realization about the Trinity points specifically to Catholicism as true religion.

And betraying what remnants of Nietzsche’s critique still influenced me, I characterized Jesus’ teachings and death as a matter of resignation. No, trust in God is a different animal from mere negation or world-weariness, though I understand how it could look that way to those who yet overlook our spiritual, subjective natures.

My conversion or reversion  is based on my being more immersed than ever in the Gospel, of which the Book of John has catered to my philosophical proclivity. But this doesn’t tell the whole story.

I’ve found a chapel, and for the first time in my life enjoy going to church and the Eucharist.

I think Saint Paul’s letters in the New Testament are love letters to Jesus, of which we could yet get more pumped up about. Romans has to be the best of all the letters, and I say this mainly on account of Romans 6 (Wages and slavery of sin), Romans 8 (Nothing keeps us from Jesus), and Romans 13 (which gave me the strength to devote myself in a miraculously different way, to one great thing, rather than many things).

Aside from Jesus, I have people I love to thank.

I estimate that I’ve already collected about half of the ideas to be presented in a sequel, yet don’t see myself publishing this for many years yet.

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