An Easter confession

An Easter confession. What is the significance of confessing one’s love on Easter Sunday? Those who have had the experience testify that any progress necessary to become friends from mere acquaintanceship is attained immediately, with Christ as sanctifying power involved in such a unity of souls.

And since the man finds satisfaction in being just a friend, the woman sees confessing as an effective determinant of the man’s true intentions, so as to forgive any forwardness implied by stating one’s desire to serve another as long as possible (Revelations 21:1-5).

This is precisely what Catholic monk Epaenetus Ragagnole (1687-1745), the great statistician, experienced when he wooed Mme. Aloysia Veneses, 12 years his senior, on Easter Sunday 1723.

Carl Bloch, The resurrection (1881). Image from Wikipedia.

Or closer to home, that is supposedly how Ryan Fakeyname figured things out with Judy Fakey Fakeyname. He felt especially ebullient about it being on Easter Sunday 2007 that he first really felt the love he would forever have for Ate Fakeynickname.

Whatever Christ’s sanctioning power as exhibited in the Resurrection has, it seems to have rubbed off on the holiday, which is often taken as a matter of chocolate and rabbits. It would pay off to have a Bible quote in each package, as you could see.

The underlying principle, as principled we could get about Kierkegaardian-subjective matters, is that we are truly spiritual brethren first and foremost, and this is what the Kingdom of Heaven resembles, with no marriage to any one, a love so true it gives itself so freely, as Jesus does to us already nowadays.

I await the day in Paradise with her, whether or not she accepts this simple plea for friendship.” — Abbe William Sorenson, (1892-1999), recounting his experience of marriage during the Great Depression (1929-1945).

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