The loudest cry

If God were to come to Earth, He’d want to make the loudest noise, so as to be heard by all people for all time. And no one has cried out as loud as Jesus. He knew that there would no better time to proclaim He was God, than when doing so was punishable by death. Nowadays we’d just lock someone up surrounded by padded walls, and never hear from them again.

2020-06-05 two popes
The two popes. Real friendship is in Christ.

And so till this day, and for the rest of time until the second coming, we know Jesus as discoverable in the four books of the Gospel and the other books of the Bible.

The Bible and prayer

But don’t take His word for it; He also invites you to a real relationship with Him in your daily life. Not only did Jesus endure long suffering and death without recanting the truth of His claim of divinity, but He backed this up by His later presence among the apostles, His appearance before John the writer of Revelation, and by sending the Holy Spirit Who is with us at this very moment.

For sure, being written about is no proof of His presence today, nor should we be misled into thinking that knowing God could be limited to the scientific method*. And that’s where faith comes in. Faith in prayer is what presents God to us, through Jesus. By praying, you get to connect the Bible to God’s presence in your life. That is how we know Him as Emmanuel, or God with us.

Peace on Earth

And people around you will know the difference that Christ has made in your life, as you treat your brothers and sons as you would Jesus, and your sisters and daughters as you would Mary.

The way

2020-06-05 jesus religionSo don’t be kept from Christ’s love, however much you want to be liberated from the anxiety of desire (Buddhism) or illusion (Hinduism). If you don’t accept Jesus Himself, then you will have only conquered the material, and not your spirit. In fact you’ll further be drawn into thinking spiritual fulfillment comes through your mastery over the material. The conceit and downfall of great geniuses, many of whom were raging alcoholics.

* Science is at best a skeleton of reality, and empirical data has no value of its own without the presumption of spirit in us, we who review the data.