Megadeth Guitar Tabs

Rust in peace (1990)
1. Holy wars… The punishment due
2. Hangar 18
4. Five magics
5. Poison was the cure
6. Lucretia
7. Tornado of souls

Countdown to extinction (1992)
1. Skin o’ my teeth
2. Symphony of destruction
3. Architecture of aggression
4. Foreclosure of a dream
5. Sweating bullets
8. High speed dirt
10. Captive honour
11. Ashes in your mouth

Youthanasia (1994)
1. Reckoning day
2. Train of consequences
3. Addicted to chaos
4. A tout le monde
6. The killing road
7. Blood of heroes
8. Family tree
9. Youthanasia
11. Black curtains
12. Victory

Hidden treasures (1995)
4. Angry again
5. 99 ways to die

Cryptic writings (1997)
11. Vortex
12. fff

I have been learning these Megadeth solos since 1996, and the following transcriptions are the most accurate interpretations yet. When I was first studying the guitar through these songs, my listening ability and the technologies of the time were relatively primitive to my present resources. This is the first instance that I am actually encoding what I have learned over the years.
In keeping with Marty Friedman’s style and musical philosophy, I do not indicate every single hammer-on or pull-off, as you should play by what feels right for you. When I do include an ‘h’ or a ‘p,’ it is primarily to indicate fleeting or ‘ghost’ notes.

~ – vibrato
/ – slide up
\ – slide down
^ – bend up, each ^ indicating a semitone
v – bend down, each v indicating a semitone
h – hammer-on
p – pull-off
t – trill, when placed between notes, and
t – picking-hand tap, when placed above a bar
h – natural harmonic
P.M. – palm-mute
For special instructions, I spell them out within the tablature.

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