Dumbest President Ever: 23 tales of Politica

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Story summaries / Micro spoilers:

Greedo shot first
A pacifist is sent off to battle.

The great barrier
A controversial presidential candidate surprises everyone after winning.

Dumbest President Ever
When voting ironically is a thing, Edward Olmos Wyn becomes president.

The secret first lady
Who was Marjorie Naval in President Eowyn’s life?

Julio, the president’s son, sets his sights higher.

Peace at last
The matriarchs of two feuding families confront each other after decades.

Music so good, all other kinds are deemed illegal.

Shadow of hate
A former terrorist pretends to be a woman’s beloved, dead grandson.

Olive Branch explains her murder of arch-enemy Argher.

Christ is for losers
Beleaguered radio host Den Morisen turns to a familiar figure in history.

Before and after
Jane gives up her campaign six months before election.

A serial killer hero targets politicians, inciting debate.

The faintness
Two countries are headed for war, as an ominous sound grows louder.

Bags of chips
Unpopular God, running for student council president, gets a freebie.

What’s up with Milia? She’s bringing everybody down!
Milia is on a mission to rock the world.

Milia fires a gun
Milia meets ‘Enya’ at a firing range.

Milia’s guilt
Milia tries to make things right by disguising herself as a Welfare officer.

Repeating itself
Buster’s decade-long dictatorship needs new life.

Unofficial caretaker
Peter discovers the secret to making a difference.

Adult talk
Music teacher Elton takes a shine to Ruth, a hated former princess.

Morrie struggles in society with his murderous tendencies.

Why is a mysterious man following Avery?

The incident
A son recalls his father’s infamous wake.

The tip of awesome
Will plays basketball legend Maliq for shares of stock.

Diplomatic immunity!
Al knows only a life of privilege.

The dead fan
Senator Fritz Almond wants to honor a dead campaign supporter.

Till it blows over
Dennis must lay low after being accused of a terror attack.

The American dream
Carl’s car gets him in trouble.

A reliable witness
Annie watches the decay of the economy from her kitchen window.


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