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My critique of the 6-9 meme critique

6 9 meme critique critique

But almost nobody believes in unlimited relativism of ideas and values.
Much of the phenomena we observe is not purposely created by a person. In addition, no one person is capable of knowing all there is to know about any issue, hence the value of outside perspectives. The origin of much of our conflicting views is in the belief that any one belief is the ‘objective’ one, where everything is settled.
Even when another person is obviously wrong to us, their method of knowing what they believe to know could be instructive in our methods of knowing, our means of argumentation.
If anything’s wrong with the world, it’s in not recognizing that others have a point, even when they don’t express themselves that well.

Update: I discuss the matter further in my book How to get good, the section ‘How to think critically.’ The required openness to other points of view is shown by curiosity and a willingness to be wrong. I say it much better in the book.

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