Be kind to puns: 23 tales of Weirdica

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Story summaries / Micro spoilers:

The land before our time
Jamie, stranger in a strange land, defies convention.

When TV is cheap enough
Matt turns to television exposure as an alternative to modern media.

Days in the life of a teleporter
Pulp reveals his talent to a girl at the beach.

Be kind to puns
A mental game connects entities over 20,000 years apart.

Colorful commentary
Molly has her brains scrambled and begins hearing a voice.

By a corner of the garden
Should Floyd stay or leave his soon-to-be-destroyed planet?

Young love
Manilyn regrets leaving Rene for alien invaders, and searches for him.

The screenplay
Director Egon suspects an impossible script is based on truth.

It’s all about the money
Elevator girl Dana writes what she knows, which is more than her planet does.

The Heed, and, The expectations filter
Spiritual revelation is scientifically guaranteed. Who could say no to The Heed?

Stop trying so hard
Famous author Stephen K. Merlin gives the scoop to an unwitting salesman.

Can’t wait to dream
Tony finds a life in perpetual dreaming.

Nannerl’s music
Craig draws his musical inspiration from an unlikely source.

God at last
It’s about time for evolution in music.

Hell of nostalgia
Do The Cajones Girls have what it takes to stay together?

Megan McCall sings timeless
Megan considers wrapping up her famed career.

In the temple
Bam is willing to do almost anything, to be a part of the goings-on of a temple.

The order
Bulldog receives a shipment from seven years later.

That which could not be named
It’s a matter of when, not if, it comes.

Scientists once took a part of his mind. What really happened?

Motivational mirror
Gyro’s reflection begins telling him things.

The best
Jamal Tsuo Sia, seeing trends in basketball progress, revolutionizes the game.

Father of the son
Jamal Tsuo Sia’s father Chris’ pariah status was crucial in the development of his person.

The rural folk
Zarabeth and Jimmy John try to settle down in a country house.

Dad and the aliens
Dolph and Brad are pained to see their father’s mental faculties deteriorate.


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