Read one book a week – or pretend to

I constantly buy books, but have only recently managed to finish them on a regular basis. Prior to the past couple of months, I would either get bored of what I’m reading, or realize the book was not quite what I expected. Often, I had only wanted to read whatever book for the sake of having accomplished reading it.

The last reason is particularly true when it comes to ‘the classics,’ you know, the must-reads that you must read just because others say they’re so great. That was largely the reason I took up reading Arthur C. Clarke’s short stories, and I was able to finish three of four collections, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I love some of his stuff, and his ideas, but the long space journeys just have no appeal to me. His characters seem to be intentionally dull mouthpieces of his science know-how.

Anyhow, to give me further incentive to read and finish what I’m reading, I’m challenging myself to complete them in a week. Hopefully, treating it like a job will make me think, “This isn’t that great, but isn’t a bad job!”

What’s in it for you?

Lucky for you, I’ll be highlighting stuff in the books that appeals to or resonates with me, and share them with you here. And you can pretend to have read it, ready on-hand with quotes to impress your friends. You’ll never appear more well-versed on an assortment of topics, at least the topics that I enjoy.

This is somewhat similar to the concept of Blinkist, the app that provides chapter-by-chapter summaries of numerous books, except I’m providing more of my personal opinion, complete with blind spots and glossed-over ideas, much like any casual reader goes through books. You don’t want to be more than a casual reader; that’s just dorky.

Come visit my site every Monday for your supply of new readings, in .pdf, .mobi, and .ePub. Like my Facebook page so I could remind you.

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